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Desperation Leadership Academy (DLA for short) is a highly focused leadership training school embedded in the context of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our 11-month program challenges students to grow deep spiritual roots while at the same time learning practical skills and valuable leadership lessons that equip them for the road ahead. Our uniquely designed schools are taught by an exceptional group of ministry and marketplace leaders (many of whom have advanced degrees and decades of experience). The DLA Staff and Faculty strive to ensure that each and every student has a rich and rewarding experience that fosters a life-long mindset of learning and spiritual growth (we also have a ton of fun along the way).


DLA is designed to allow students to be a part of a fervent community, receive dynamic teaching, and partner in prayer for a move of God in this generation. DLA is not just for those looking to go into full-time ministry, instead it will equip you with the tools you need to lead in the gifting and area of ministry or business that God is leading you to. Students in DLA receive hands on ministry training, personal discipleship and leadership opportunities.


DLA Part-Time is one of the most unique programs in the country in that it enables you to pursue a college degree or have a job while being discipled and prepared for marketplace or vocational ministry. If you are employed or enrolled in college, and desire to grow in your personal relationship with the Lord, lead in the prayer movement, develop spiritual discipline, and learn to be a missionary to the world directly around you, our part-time option is perfect for you.


Your DLA Year

Desperation Conference

Desperation is New Life Church's annual, national summer event calling the next generation to live in desperate pursuit of God. Each year, thousands of students from across the world gather together for a weekend devoted to worship, prayer, and going deep with God. DLA students play a key role at Desperation by leading prayer sessions, serving on the ministry team and making the event happen.

Missions Trips and Nights of Desperation

We are called to go into all nations and preach the Good News; therefore, DLA students will have the opportunity to travel to another nation in order to advance the Gospel. This trip is not included in the cost of tuition and is only available to those that have paid their tuition in full.

Every year, DLA students also travel to various local churches across the country to hold Nights of Desperation events. Tours are about igniting a prayer movement in local churches all across America. Students will travel to 5-7 cities across the tour and will get a dynamic opportunity to minister to their generation through prayer, prophecy and personal ministry. These tours are one of the many events throughout DLA that give the students chances to deeply impact their generation while in the program.