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Our Schools

School of Worship (SOW)

This school is ideal for those who have a deep passion for leading fellow believers in worship. Those who choose this school likely see themselves becoming a primary worship leader or a staff member in the worship department of a local church. SOW students will participate in some or all of following classes and activities: Songwriting, Music Theory, Introduction to Psalms, Music Technology, Biblical Foundations of Worship, Band Clinical, Systematic Theology, Vocal/Instrument Lessons and regular opportunities to lead peers in worship.

School of Ministry (SOM)

This school is ideal for those who sense a clear calling to ministry leadership in a local church. Those who express interest in this school typically see themselves serving in ministries focused on children, youth or young adults. SOM students will participate in some or all of following classes and activities: Youth Ministry Practicum, Children/Family Ministry Practicum, Basics of Youth Ministry, Basics of Pastoral Ministry, Biblical Hermeneutics and Interpretation, Preaching/Teaching, Basic Counseling, Systematic Theology and Emotionally Healthy Leadership.

School of Missions and Justice (SOMJ)

This school is a great fit for someone who feels deeply burdened by those who are spiritually lost, physically suffering or facing oppression of any kind (human trafficking, slavery, etc...). SOMJ students will participate in some or all of following classes and activities: Biblical Foundations of Missions/Justice, Missional Ecclesiology, Basics of Cross-Cultural Missions, Church Planting, Unreached/Unengaged People Groups, Worldview, History of Missions, Systematic Theology, Evangelism, World Religions, Local Outreach through the Local Church, Outreach Sunday School and Practicum Experience in the Dream Centers of Colorado Springs.


Tuition and Housing

Total Tuition and housing is $8,495.00. Included in this amount is a $500 nonrefundable hold fee.

Tuition covers the following: retreats (2-3), conferences (2-3), books, classes, faculty salaries, graduation, orientation/orientation week, printed materials, school specific intensives, leadership profile assessment, school specific parties/gatherings, special events (5-6) and adventure week (tuition does not cover food, transportation, gas, spending money or mission trips).

Tuition and housing payments for each semester are due when students arrive on campus in the fall and spring:

$3,997.50 is due on August 26, 2017 (for Fall Semester)
$3,997.50 is due on January 3, 2018 (for Spring Semester)

Please contact Kasie Massey with questions regarding tuition: or 719.234.7711.

Below is a more detailed breakdown of tuition payments.

Fall Tuition and Housing

Assuming you pay the $500 deposit to secure your spot, the total amount you'll owe on August 26th will be $3,997.50. If you do not pay the $500 to secure your spot the amount you'll owe will go up to $4,497.50 ($3,997.50 + $500)

Spring Tuition and Housing

Tuition for the spring semester will be due on January 3rd and the total amount will be $3997.50. Upon graduating, there will be an out processing of dorm rooms. If your room is found to be in the condition that it was during in-processing you may receive up to $500 back.


Health Insurance

All students must have health insurance for the duration of the academy. Students may remain on their parent's health insurance or have an individual policy. We have a letter we can send you for your insurance company providing the information that they are in a full time academy. This will suffice for some insurance companies, but not all.


Students are required to bring laptop computers in order to carry out assignments and ministry placement tasks.

Cell Phones

Students are required to have a cell phone. Text messaging is required.


Students are required to provide their own toiletries for their time in the academy.


Students are required to provide their own fuel. If carpooling with another student, they are required to help cover other student's expenses.

Car and Auto Insurance

Students are required to have a vehicle in good working order covered by insurance while in the academy.

Food Money

Currently, DLA does not have an option to provide food for the students. You will need to plan to have spending money for food.