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DLA Part-Time

DLA Part-Time is one of the most unique programs in the country in that it enables you to pursue a college degree or have a job while being discipled and prepared for marketplace or vocational ministry. If you are employed or enrolled in college, and desire to grow in your personal relationship with the Lord, lead in the prayer movement, develop spiritual discipline, and learn to be a missionary to the world directly around you, our part-time option is perfect for you. You will be a part of a passionate community of young people, be equipped to lead in the growing prayer movement and trained in taking the gospel to the world around you. The schedule is broken down into prayer, training, and discipleship. If you desire to be a part of the community of DLA, but are pursuing your degree or career, then DLA Part-Time is for you!

DLA Part-Time requirements

Ages: 18-25
Marital Status: Single
Work and School: You must be full-time whether that is work (30 hours), school (12 hours), or part-time work and school.
Housing: You must locate your own housing.
Tuition: $1,200 for the year, which includes DLA retreats, two tours, apparel, books, the Gathering, banquets, and community events. This amount does not cover the following: Food, housing, gasoline, toiletries, cell phone, health and auto insurance, or DLA's mission trip ($3,000).

DLA Part-Time Schedule

Sunday: *DLA Prayer Meeting // 6pm - 8pm
Monday: *DLA Prayer Meeting // 6pm - 8pm
Tuesday: *DLA Prayer Meeting // 6pm - 8pm
Wednesday: *DLA Prayer Meeting // 8pm - 10pm
Thursday: The Gathering // 6pm - 8pm (mandatory)
Friday: *DLA Prayer Meeting // 10pm - Midnight

*Attend three prayer meetings that best fit your schedule.


DLA Part-Time Additional Requirements

2 hours Discipleship Group (time determined by your group)
1.5 hours church service (Choose from Friday 6:30pm, Sunday 9am or 11am)